At Microquery we have built our approach to detailed project management on three pillars.

First, we appoint and developed experienced and trusted key team members as Project Leaders. We know that they understand both mechanisms of successful product delivery with microscopic details and project business goals as per requirement of client.

Second, we believe that an experience, qualified and motivated team is the key to any success business, so we continuously strive to give our employees professional training, with opportunities to learn, well equipped them and as well as new challenges to complete in desire timeline.

Third, experience from previous projects Intelligence to explore hidden data patterns has allowed us to build optimal processes that automate routine activities, the result explored and obtained from previous projects are used for various useful processes and generate better support query's for clients allowing teams to focus on important issues.


We have completed many separate projects for various companies. In our product maintenance we regularly check the status of each project completed and take corrective action if any. Valuable lessons and experiences are shared between all project teams and made available via our project management library to relevant clients. We maintain privacy, consistency across projects by documenting and implementing reliable procedures without delaying current work flow of clients. These tasks form part of our Project Management Office and expert team which supervises the entire project portfolio.


In all cases we work to either a fixed-price or time materials model as per requirements by clients.

With fixed-price projects Microquery accepts full responsibility for the delivery of the project within a time line and budget, which mainly covers after project services and analytically resolving error. This is convenient for clients willing to pass the entire project organisation. Defining the business needs and requirements accurately, correctly and timely at the beginning of the project is crucial /critical to the success of this model.

Client relationship is our preferred option for long-term business where there is no specific requirement at the start. Microquery role here is to become your experience partner and knowledge provider with skilled and experienced team leaders, geeks, experts and engineers.


We use require approaches at different management levels for smooth process. At project management level we apply our own Project implementation Procedure to build upon Microquery experiences, principles and methodology. With development team we are strong supporters of agile frameworks. We believe that our excellent project management results are as a result of communication, technical excellence, continuous improvement, error canalisation and adaptation, process transparency, frequent delivery and teamwork.


For growing and Setting up appropriate and reliable communication channels is crucial to the success of international business working environments. We are very reliable and flexible in this area and can easily adapt to our clients preferences, be it via email , instant messenger communicators, VoIP, contact us on Facebook , LinkedIn , landline telephony, video teleconferencing or meeting face to face. Of course, we also provide our clients with various reports according to mutually agreed requirements.