database migration

Mobile Application Development

Database migration is the process of delivering data from one database to another database. We offer the services of our database administrators to migrate databases from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle and vice versa activities is our quill belief. Our culture is based on the premise of excellent quality and all ideas are derived out of this primary end.

Our database migration services include:

  • Migration from one database platform to another such as Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle and vice versa
  • Upgrading to the latest version of the database to take advantage of the new features/functionalities
  • Migration from one platform to another enabling an application to support multiple database platforms

Project Execution in Database Migration

We have multiple ways of communication as necessary with your team such as conference calls, e-mail, in-person to get detailed understanding of your requirement. During this stage, we acquire an optimal solution which will maximize reusing of the existing software modules and tests to reduce the value.

Design in Database Migration

Structure design and detail design is completed in this stage.

Database Migration Implementation

The implementation stage contains two iterative sub stages. In the first iteration sub stage, all the functions of the application will be implemented and unit test will be carried out simultaneously. In the second iteration sub stage, the application will be perfected and optimized, all the source code will be completed and testers will join to test the completed system. Once the first testing iteration is finished, alpha version of the system will be delivered for your review.

Database Migration testing

The alpha version of the system is tested with focus on system integrity, functionality, performance compatibility to ensure a quality and stable migrated system.

Technology Migration

We offer migration of products from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies to ensure better integration with other vendors' tools. This ensures significantly faster acceptance of the products in the market. We migrate existing legacy applications to newer open technologies to ensure scalability, future expansion and better integration with products in the market.

Application Migration

Our application migration services include:
Static to Dynamic

We offer to upgrade static websites to dynamic database driven ones. The migration from static to dynamic enables clients to harness the power of the Internet. They can manage updates to the website themselves. Larger volumes of data can be stored and published on the website. A dynamic website also enables various interactive and personalization features to be built into the solution.

Upgrade to a higher  version of
the same technology

To take advantage of the features provided in a new release of a technology we offer to upgrade the application. We offer to migrate older versions of .net applications to the latest versions.

Change in Platform

Platform migration is advisable in case the scope of the existing application is to be expanded to include other platforms. For example, the migration of a desktop application to a web based.