Data Migration

Data Migration project requires a thorough analysis on the impact of a new infrastructure it can be an pricey and abstraction intense task; it also requires a set of special skills. Microquery has the science over managing immense honor of aggregation migration projects for tremendous endeavour customers.

Microquery has experience in data migration, management of large databases, reverse engineering required figuring out database schemas and skillfulness in different databases all of which arise versatile in a database migration project.

With some of the legacy applications documentation is unfinished or nothingness. At this point database migration need reverse engineering process, creating documents to plug missing information and sufficiently validate information through multiple methods before it is assumed correct. After the migration sufficient testing is required to ensure customer impact is kept at a minimum. Microquery has proven records and migrated large databases seamlessly to end user.

  • Migration analysis, cost evaluation and planning
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation planning
  • Schema re-modeling and migration
  • Data migration
  • Query analysis, migration and optimization
  • Stored routines and other database objects analysis, migration and optimization
  • Client connectors analysis and migration

Operating system Migration

We offers migration of products from older operating systems to newer operating systems like Windows and Linux to leverage technological and Total Cost of Ownership benefits. We assist enterprises to migrate application to a corporate standard ensuring easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership. This ensures significantly faster time to market with a complete set of products across all popular operating systems. Using our proven product re-engineering methodology and software professionals who are skilled in the latest tools and technologies, we can help you meet your product/application accomplishment deadlines easily.


Once we receive the migration / re-engineering requirement from our client, a core analysis and evaluation team which contains an experienced project manager and a domain expert is identified to analyze the legacy system and evaluate the work amount that needed to fulfill the migration task. Once the core team is established, the following tasks will be carried out.

  • Grasp the requirements by studying the related documentations and learning the legacy system through net meeting or VPN
  • Develop the solution of moving the system and business logic to new architectures, languages or web-based environments, according to our understanding of the requirement
  • Define the migration methodology and plans
  • Business model (ODC, Fixed cost, T & M) is agreed
  • Provide a reasonable cost depending on the project scope definition

Resources build-up & Training

The next step in the migration process is to build the whole project team and set up the required infrastructure environment.

  • The whole team comprised of project manager, system architect, developers, and testers is identified
  • Setup simulation development environment
  • Team training of the requirement, migration guidance, and communication skills before the project execution