SharePoint is a very powerful development system as per any experienced developer. Its ability and scalability depends on the developer or consultant's capability. Without the right developer and Microsoft SharePoint consulting services, SharePoint development and deployment can easily spin out of control. At Microquery, we have an array of SharePoint services divided into two categories: Microsoft SharePoint consulting services and Microsoft SharePoint development. Today SharePoint is a highly adopted platform for content management, document management, record management, intranet and extranet corporate portals, business collaboration platform and many more opportunities provided by rich and powerful platform created by Microsoft. SharePoint provides powerful and easy to use infrastructure which improves company productivity. Flexible customisation options allow people to do their job effectively and share data or documents securely, and these all features come with centralised administration.

Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting services include:

Our SharePoint consultants provide internet (extranet) and intranet based SharePoint solutions which help organisation in improving collaboration, document management and sharing, build and host websites, provides centralised content management systems, create custom web applications and increases speed of business decision making. The major services provided by our SharePoint consultants are content management, document management, Reporting, Integration with 3rd party applications and more. With the strong expertise our SharePoint Developers provide object model, database, web services and web parts. Using this, they can provide solutions which can improve organisation efficiencies and decision making by better data sharing, data representation and accessing right information at right time.

Our SharePoint development services include but are not limited to:

  • Web part development
  • Customisation of workflow
  • SharePoint branding
  • Integration of business data to SharePoint
  • Optimisation of SharePoint storage
  • Payment gateway integration with SharePoint
  • Customisation of SharePoint search and lists
  • Shopping cart solutions
  • SharePoint migration and website maintenance