Bespoke Software Development

Microquery's bespoke software is built to exact requirements of business and chance to maximise the productivity of staff in business. We as a team understand that any firm, industry or business procedures do not remain the same over time which is why we build bespoke software in such a way that it can be adapted overtime to work with new processes and workflows as per requirement of our clients.

Steps and Process

Exploring client's needs and business wants

We listen and understand, ask questions to explore, provide ideas to maximise the productivity and collaborate to establish an outline strategy for to make it as per clients' needs and make it feature set for the most suitable solution for clients business.

Project Proposal

Next level is the project proposal to clients. With the information we have gathered from our exploration and team discussions, we evaluate, prepare and present to client with a proposal document and supporting. This document explains how we will work with client, along with information on the feature set for the planned system.

Project Planning

After that commitment from client to proceed, we embark on the planning stage of Project. We mainly consider this the most important stage of the new project. We use state of the art tools to plan the look of the software, so client can see it coming to a life and get rich experience with understanding of step by step process. We cover all details and every aspect of the software, which require for project as per client.

Post Project Planning Review and Analysis

Once it is finalised the precise clients requirement, we conduct a review of the scope, fix budget and set time line. Any changes are highlighted and a fixed price and accurate time line for completion of the project now submitted with broad idea of work flow

Database Development

Based on the gathered fact and mutual understanding of requirement of client with agreed specification, we as a team of senior developers then create the bespoke database application with the help of Microsoft SQL Server database and Rapid Application Development tools. This approach save time and client money as well, it will also ensure stability, reliability, performance and security of database.

Quality Assurance Testing

Testing and quality assurance processes are used to test all code and design aspects of the development, which actually an ongoing process during development.


We always work to create the highest quality server environment. Once the project launched, client software application will be uploaded to our systems, moreover it will benefit from multiple servers, firewalls, intrusion detection, storage, and backup.

Microquery Support

We provide on-going support to client with the maintenance of clients' new system. A comprehensive service level agreement activated on launch of the system which includes priority of bug fixing, assistance with any functionality clientele unfamiliar with and access to our online helpdesk system as well as telephone, email support and personal meeting.