Business Process Management

BPM stands for business process management, it aims in organising companies with the demands of clients, business process management mainly covers data design, data modeling, data execution, data monitoring and data optimisation. BPM unites process data modeling, data simulation, data workflow, data enterprise application integration and business integration into a single organisational platform to make maximum use of technology and re-define process, to analyse the model, mechanise the processes and measure and optimise process performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low operation cost.
  • High level of output customer service.
  • Disaster management for critical data and documents.
  • Easy data recovery and recovery point creation.
  • Better compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Seamless compliance.
  • Leveraging to current and existing infrastructure.
  • Increase in speed of process execution.
  • Productivity, through real-time delivery of information to the right resources.
  • Create and increase visibility for accountability, Departments performance tracking, Divisions and Enterprises 

Following a step-by-step plan, Microquery accelerates a company's performance through:

  • Data Modeling, Data analysis and Data optimization capabilities deployed in easy to use interfaces.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Reporting presented through performance dashboards , E-mail , desktop
       gauges or within process forms.

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