Data warehousing

Data warehousing provides flexibility to managers and executives to access data using queries, the easy and safe to complicated data enable effective business. This provides a great insight details on various trends, analysis and support in faster, better and easy decision making

The various data warehousing services provided by Microquery are:

  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Warehouse Development
  • Data Warehouse Maintenance
  • Data Migration
  • Data Marts
  • Data Analysis
  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading, extract, load, transform.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • Data Cleansing and Conversion
  • Data Warehouse Application Integration
  • Populating Data Warehouse
  • Various Report Generation
  • Ad hoc Query generation
  • Database Administration

The methodology used by Microquery in providing Data Warehousing services is as given below:

  • Initiation : Data evaluating Data Readiness and Opportunities 
  • Analysis : Data Analysis and Data Requirements Determination 
  • Design : Data Warehouse and Data Mart Models 
  • Design : Technical Architecture design
  • Design : Obtain Data Warehouse Inputs 
  • Construct : Data Load 
  • Construct : Presentation/Analysis Tools 
  • QA : Test
  • Rollout : Deploy in Production
  • Iterate : Make Incremental Changes
  • Design : Star Schema/Multidimensional Model

Features and Benefits of Data Warehouse services:

  • No specialist skills required for analyzing
  • Cost effective ongoing consulting from us
  • One data warehouse solution to satisfy, security of your day to day reporting needs
  • Flexible, easy, relevant and powerful enough to deal with the complex data structures as require by clients
  • Leverage to your existing SQL investment
  • Consolidate data from legacy and modern business systems, including key results from printed paper reports on day to day activity
  • Tailored to unique requirements of clients
  • Competitively priced with an easy and short payback period
  • Rapid system rollout, timeline for each task