Data Quality Services

With our collaboration we provide various methods to simplify, scrutinise, manage, and develop information quality using systematic data interrogation and dynamic statistical analysis tools and techniques. With businesses automate complex integrated processing of key operations; data quality always becomes a requirement, never be an option. Information can be a valuable asset, if it is accurate. Data quality is most crucial and critical to today's leading businesses in all business sectors. Data quality advocates are trying to get a corporate data quality services program off the ground they often face financial, structural, and cultural obstacles. In such circumstances an approach that tries to resolve enterprise-wide data quality issues in one fell swoop is more likely to falter. Much more promising is an incremental approach that focuses first on comprehensive data profiling, then on targeting and securing initial data quality wins and then finally on parlaying those early wins into an enterprise-wide data quality services program.

  •  Design appropriate statistical sampling techniques to quantify the impact of potential conversion-coding errors for quality. 
  • Purify all the data during the conversion phase of the implementation
  • Develop internal assessment tools that client can use to monitor compliance issues independently.  
  • Select samples of data to analyses the data accuracy of records and data assess the financial impact of differences
  • Implement a continuous audit process, based on statistical techniques, using a proprietary audit tracking and reporting tool for assessment